Blacjack: how do you play it?

You’ve certainly heard of the popular blacjack game, but you didn’t know what it is or how it is played! if you are curious to learn then check out this article.

Blacjack is a card game , a game of risk too !! a single party takes a maximum of three small minutes! so it is very fast, it can be played at seven as long as they are all of age, blacjack is actually a variation of the twenty-one game which was originally inspired by two other card games.

Now moving on to the progress of the party, after having chosen the croupier (banker) , the latter will shuffle the cards and then deal 2 cards face up for each player while him one of these two card will be face down.

Blacjack: how do you play it?

What are the values ​​of the cards?

  • The ace has a value of 1 or 11.
  • The other cards take the value of the number they bear.

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